Margaretta Terrace, Chelsea project 2017-11-06T14:59:12+00:00

Margaretta Terrace

Chelsea, SW3

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A beautiful London home restored to its original beauty. Hamiltons carried out restoration and decoration works to the exterior of the property, and went on to carry out work on two more properties on the same road.

The stucco was completely stripped of many layers of cracking and flaking paint to reveal the original details (which in some cases, were completely lost under the paint). Where the stucco had failed due to water ingress, we carried out sympathetic repairs to the body of the stucco and then reinstated the surface to its original profile. The surface was face filled, rubbed down, and then painted with Dulux All Seasons Masonry Gloss.

The window frames were stripped along each edge that meets the stucco and the remainder of the sashes and frames were prepared as a standard decoration. The window sills were also stripped of paint and prepared for painting. The base of the balcony doors had suffered some rot, so this rotten wood was removed and then repaired with the Timbercare Resin Repair system. A window sill to the rear of the property was almost completely rotten, so this was cut out and replaced with a new one. All the woodwork was painted using the Dulux Weathershield system.

The Balcony railings were held together with wire, so these were stripped, repaired, and re-bed into the balcony floors. The balcony floors were treated with a waterproof finish.
Many old and unused cables were stripped from both the front and rear of the property. The remaining cables were either re-routed to conceal them, or were replaced with new cables and securely & neatly pinned into position.
Our roofing specialist repaired a damaged lead roof section with a lead expansion joint. The rear flat roof areas were treated with a solar reflective coating.
We replaced a defective double glazed unit with one that we had made to measure.